Although Chris Weidman brutally rocked the MMA world and Anderson Silva at UFC 162, with that now famous left hook, the consensus seems to be that UFC 168 won’t produce a similar result. After all, Silva is the sport’s G.O.A.T, and even his biggest supporters would concede he got carried away with the showboating. Weidman is ridiculously good, and could very well win again, but most folks are probably expecting the fight to be more competitive.

One man who believes Silva’s night will be even shorter at UFC 168, however, is renowned trainer and former welterweight champ Matt Serra. While speaking to’s “Rewind” radio show recently, the charismatic vet relayed the following about Weidman’s chances in the rematch.

I can’t wait for the second fight, for the rematch. I think it’s going to be worse.”

Of course, since Serra has been training Weidman for sometime, it’s understandable he’d go with “The All-American”, but worse? Serra praised the grappling skills and ground game of Weidman, and also offered this interesting story about the fighter’s boxing skills.

“His head going in was he had the wrestling to put [Silva] down. I really thought he was going to put him down and either put him to sleep with a choke or work him over down there. But I did have confidence in his hands. I talked to [standup trainer Ray Longo] constantly about his sparring. They brought in boxers and they didn’t want to come back. Big guys, guys that were good. One guy in particular, the guy didn’t want to come back. He was like, ‘I’m getting beat up.’”

There’s no question Weidman is much more than the ground specialist that was advertised earlier in his career. Now it will be interesting to see how much he utilizes his striking in round two with “The Spider.”

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