It looks as though Josh Barnett won’t be the only fighter undergoing, WADA certified drug testing heading into the December 28th, UFC 168 card. In fact, his opponent for the night, Travis “Hapa” Browne, will also participate in the program.

According to a report from MMA, Browne will also be subject to random tests over the coming weeks, just like Barnett. The Nevada State Athletic Commission ordered Barnett to enter the program as part of an agreement to get licensed for the upcoming fight. The 31 year-old Browne released the following statement about his participation in the program, which the UFC will also pay for.

“I think it’s a great idea, and I’m a big supporter of it. I think our sport and the commission taking actions like this is putting us ahead of the game compared to other sports. We’re not putting out a fire. We’re attacking the problem before it becomes an epidemic.”

Sounds good right? Clearly the WADA certified program is gaining traction in MMA, and 2014 will likely see even more fighters participating in it.

It’s a huge fight for both men, as the winner could move within striking distance of a title shot, particularly if it’s Browne. The rising heavyweight’s only loss to date came versus “Bigfoot” Silva, but occurred after Browne injured his leg during the fight.

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