Unless huge, all-star fights aren’t your thing, chances are you can’t wait for this Saturday’s UFC 167 card, as well as UFC 168 on December 28th. UFC 167 is of course jammed pack with several huge bouts, some of which include GSP-Hendricks, Evans-Sonnen and Lawler-MacDonald. Then, several weeks later UFC 168 will go down, which will feature can’t miss scraps like Weidman-Silva II, Rousey-Tate II, and Barnett-Browne. As a result, one would think the UFC will be cashing in big time on pay-per-view sales.

But which card, if it really matters, will sell more PPV buys? Well, during a recent conference call UFC boss man Dana White offered this prediction (comment via MMA Mania.com):

“Georges St. Pierre is our biggest pay-per-view star. Chael Sonnen argues with me and disagrees with me, of course because he’s on the card, and Georges St. Pierre is obviously the biggest star we have in pay-per-view, but I think 168 will beat it. As we get closer, you get more of a feeling on what you’re going to do. I know this is a bold prediction, but I think 168 is going to be the biggest pay-per-view we’ve ever done.”

That is a “bold prediction”, but it’s not over the top either. Considering how big a star Anderson Silva is, and that nearly every MMA fan on earth likely wants to see if the legend can reclaim the belt, UFC 168 should pull in a ton of sales. Will it set a record though?  Since the UFC is a privately held company no one can say for certain what card’s done what, in terms of PPV buys, but the belief is that UFC 100 holds the record at around 1.5 million. If you recall, that’s the night Brock Lesnar avenged his previous loss to Frank Mir by stopping the former champ in round two.

It will be interesting to see (assuming some sort of info comes to light) how UFC 167 does PPV wise. As White noted, GSP is the company’s biggest draw and Hendricks is widely considered to be his toughest test to date. That said, the two don’t have the backstory / baggage that St. Pierre had with Nick Diaz heading into UFC 158.

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