The UFC has put it out on the table. If the fighters agree, they plan to make the upcoming UFC 167 in Vegas card co-headline Chael Sonnen versus Wanderlei Silva, behind the headline title fight between Johny Hendricks versus Georges St-Pierre on Nov. 16 in Sin City. All is not aligning as perfectly as the promotion would like however. Wanderlei Silva is currently recovering from a long running injury with his sciatic nerve. The former Pride FC tourney winner says he will still consider the bout, regardless of injury.

If you had not heard the long running feud of Sonnen versus Silva, you must be new here. As Sonnen uses Brazil as a satirical centerpiece in his rants, Wanderlei’s bleeding Brazilian patriotism cannot help but be upset by the insults. If you heard Sonnen’s recent victory speech –he continued to call for the match-up, while stealing a line from Full Metal Jacket.

Only issue with the match-up in my opinion is the possibility of not getting a ‘healthy’ “Axe Murderer.” Sure, these guys go in there banged up every day (usually not telling the public), but the true battle we want is at least a perceived level playing field. This isn’t Golf and we don’t like handicaps.