Story’s violent brand of MMA was immediately visible in this one, as was Ebersoles craftiness.

The clash of styles actually made for a very entertaining fight. As predicted Ebersole looked somewhat rusty coming into this fight after over a year off. Ebersole also looked to be quite smaller than Story and with his talk of dropping to 155 it may not be a bad idea, either that or Rick Story has been hittin the weights.

Story implemented his game plan from the jump and it quickly became clear what that strategy was, power punches to the head and body with enough leg kicks and takedown feints mixed in to keep Ebersole guessing. In other words it was textbook Rick Story. Ebersole hung tough throughout though and should be commended for being a game, if somewhat outmatched, opponent. Ebersole seemed to be trying to get inside Story’s head a little by mocking his punching power but when Ebersole got rattled big time by a few shots to the head it was clear that it wasnt happening. Ebersole had more success standing as the fight went on, landing his jab regularly. But in the end, Story’s physicality was just too much and he just wore Ebersole down.

Outstanding performance by Rick Story tonight, he stuck to a brutal game plan to thoroughly beat down a tough veteran opponent and get the unanimous decision win.