So, even if you just started following MMA in the last day or so, chances are you’re already up to speed with the fact that Johny Hendricks has a lot of punching power. As in, one shot, dude’s done, kind of power. Not only does every UFC 167 promo feature footage of Hendricks flooring opponents with his thunderous left hand, but every media outlet like this one keeps talking about his pugilistic gift.

Hendricks doesn’t come from a boxing or kickboxing background,  but rather, an extremely successful collegiate wrestling career. Clearly tossing human bodies around on the wrestling mats for years has made him a ridiculously strong man. Well, MMA Junkie has run an article featuring one of Hendricks’ managers Ted Ehrhardt, who relayed a fascinating story as to how “Bigg Rigg” became aware of his punching power. Apparently, it became clear after Hendricks hit one of those arcade game punching machines…

“Jon Jones had hit it,” Ehrhardt said, while recalling the event, which evidently took place at UFC Expo in London when Hendricks had just joined the UFC. “Matt Mitrione and some other heavyweights had also hit it. Then Johny hit it, and he beat everybody’s scores. We just kind of thought, hey, wow.”

A day later, Hendricks apparently hit another machine at a boxing gym in the city, and once again, brutalized its records.

“So Johny hit that one, and he broke that record too,” Ehrhardt said. “That’s when the switch flipped for both of us, and we thought, there’s some real power in that left hand.”

Now that’s the kind of story that gets passed along at parties…Of course, now it remains to be seen if Hendricks can land one of his big shots on Georges St. Pierre Saturday, who is pretty skilled at avoiding punishment.

UFC 167 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.