Thousands of people throughout the world will be fixated on the left hand of Johny Hendricks tonight in Las Vegas, to see if the challenger can find a place for it on UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. The reason being of course, that Hendricks has used the weapon to quickly end the night of notable vets like Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann, as he’s advanced up the promotion’s ranks.

Heading into their UFC 167 headliner, however, Hendricks has reminded folks that his stopping tools aren’t limited to his left fist. In fact, the renowned wrestler has made it be known that his “goal” is to put GSP away with his right hand. Now, in a more recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Hendricks not only repeated that goal, but he also relayed a few tips he received from Mr. “Iron” Mike Tyson (comments via Mixed Martial

“No, I want to hit him with my right. My right hits just as hard as my left. I’ve been hitting people with it and I’m getting a little bit stronger with it. Also going with Tyson, he told me a couple of things that he used to do, Mike Tyson. I got to go like an hour session with him, for the show. Whenever, I did that, he told me a couple of things that really helped me out and really made me a better boxer. More or less, I’ll tell you the gist of it. He said that you can always hit the guy with the kitchen sink and he may not go down, but it’s not the first shot that always kill them, it’s the second shot, okay, the second shot.”

“I think my left hand is in his head. Who wouldn’t? If I was fighting myself, it would be in my head. It’s one thing to rock people, its another to put them to sleep. If he switches southpaw, he’s dead. I’ve sparred a lot of southpaws in my life and I’ve sparred a lot of boxers that switch to southpaw and switch stances on me. That’s going to be that much easier for me to land my left hand it he switches to southpaw. So, I hope he does.”

How about that? And yes, since all the pre-fight promo reels have featured Hendricks flooring foes with his left hook, chances are it’s going to be first and foremost in St. Pierre’s head. That said, there was no shortage of discussion about the big right hand of Josh Koscheck before he fought GSP twice…

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