They called it. Prior to the fight between Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez, the two competitors let it be known that they’ve had some wars against each other in the gym. The comments somehow look to be an understatement, as they put on what many are calling the fight of the century. The warriors went full pace, dropping bombs for majority of the three rounds, creating a blood bath in the the cage. Neither man ever wavered in the exchanges.

“The Dream” may have taken majority of the damage in the bout, but it never slowed Sanchez as he walked forward relentlessly — even with blood running in his eye from a deep cut under his eye. After the wild war it would be Gilbert Melendez earning the unanimous decision, but it wouldn’t stop Sanchez from calling for a rematch as he believed it to be a draw. Either way, is it the greatest UFC war so far?
Diego Sanchez's eyebrow vs melendez