Since Renan Barao is the promotion’s #7 P4P fighter and is on a ridiculous 30 fight win streak, it’s not terribly surprising that people have been talking about Barao-Cruz, heading into the interim bantamweight champ’s bout with Eddie Wineland. Although the latter is a former WEC champ and a dangerous finisher, it seems like most folks expect Barao to be the champ after UFC 165.

Recently Wineland spoke to MMA about facing Barao, and the rugged vet repeated that although he’s impressed with the fighter’s accomplishments, he’s not fixated on them either.

“It’s no secret that Barao’s winning streak is amazing,” Wineland says. “I don’t care about that. They’re all opponents, all men as he is. But he has yet to face me, so we’ll see how that winning streak fares after Saturday.”

That’s a good way of looking at it. As of September 20th, the oddsmakers have Barao has a massive favourite in the -450 to -700 range. If you didn’t know, Wineland also works full time as a fire fighter in the Indiana city of LaPorte, so if you factor that in with all the training he does, you can get a sense of his work ethic. It’s pretty strong. While discussing his busy schedule and outlook on life, Wineland noted:

“Working man’s champion is exactly what I am,” Wineland says. “I like to work and stay busy. I create too many side projects and headaches for myself if I’m not working or in the gym. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and earning my keep.”

The 29 year-old has certainly earned his keep with the UFC and WEC. If he wins tomorrow night, Wineland could be headed to some serious paydays and big fights in 2014.

UFC 165 will go down at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Stay tuned to Caged for all your UFC news and coverage.