Tonight, the Air Canada Centre in Toronto is the epicenter of the MMA universe for UFC 165, and we’re proud to offer coverage here at Caged Insider.

The UFC 165 PPV kicks off from Toronto at 10:00 PM EST/ 7:00 PM PST, with Jon Jones defending the UFC Light Heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson headlining. Also on the card is Renan Barão defending his Interim Bantamweight title against Eddie Wineland.

Check back here for full play-by-play of the action beginning at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST with preliminary action, including Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis.

Preliminary Bouts

Daniel Omielańczuk defeated Nandor Guelmino by KO (punches) at 3:18 of round three. (Heavyweights)

Alex Caceres defeated Roland Delorme by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) (Bantamweights)

Michel Prazeres defeated Jesse Ronson by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) (Lightweights)

John Makdessi defeated Renee Forte by KO at 2:01 of Round One (Lightweights)

Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kimura (Bantamweights)

Round One: Kimura lands a right overhand and a leg kick. Gagnon clinches against the cage but is shrugged off by the youngster from Hawaii. Gagnon with a left-right combo, bloodies Kimura’s nose. More leg kicks from Kimura. Big right to head, left to body from Gagnon. Big left hook to the liver from Kimura to stagger Gagnon, and Gagnon shoots for a takedown. Gagnon with two big rights to the downed Kimura. Kimura springs back up to his feet, but Gagnon keeps pressure. Big body shot from Gagnon, then the Ontario native grabs a tight guillotine. Kimura struggles to roll and slip out, but falls limp at 0:55.

Mitch Gagnon defeats Dustin Kimura by Technical Submission (guillotine choke) at 4:05 of Round One.

Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson (Welterweights)

Round One: Both fighters showing their arsenal of high kicks. Clements with an unusual spinning kick to the leg sends Thompson sprawling. Thompson recovers and gets a takedown but Clements right back up. Clements with a slip and Thompson looks for a D’Arce choke. They spring back up, nice left hook by Thompson lands. It’s an even fight with one minute left. John McCarthy signals that a cut on Clements is due to a clash of heads. Jab into a takedown by Thompson. Thompson appears to have mount position secured as time expires.

Round Two: Big punching combinations right out of the gate from Thompson, and a series of hooks gets the knockdown. Clements spins out and they rise to their feet. A straight right staggers Clements, and Thompson continues to punch until McCarthy steps in stop the bout.

Stephen Thompson defeats Chris Clements by T/KO (punches) at 1:27 of Round Two.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis (Bantamweights)

Round One: Inside leg kick by the southpaw Reis to begin. He rushes in with overhand that misses. Menjivar circling away, lands an inside leg kick of his own. They clinch, nice knees in the Thai neck vice by Menjivar. Menjivar lands a few body shots, too. Menjivar looking much more polishes, switches to southpaw and back. Nice right kick to the body by Menjivar. Reis keeps rushing in with left overhand, finally lands a grazing shot and scores a takedown. Reis glances with elbows in Menjivar’s guard as the horn sounds to end the round. A close round, with a slight advantage to Menjivar.

Round Two:
The two exchange leg kicks. Reis misses the left. Reis catches a Menjivar kick and takes him down. Reis lands a kick to Menjivar’s leg before he rises. They clinch against the cage. A listless standup sequence follows, until Reis shoots and scores another takedown. Hammerfist from Reis. Reis is struggling, or just playing safe, in Menjivar’s guard, but he lands a few punches. Menjivar gets some space and springs to his feet. Time expires on a slow round; I’ll score narrowly for Reis.

Round Three: Reis lands another inside leg kick. Both miss punching combinations. Reis shoots in for another takedown. They press against the cage, Menjivar looking for a guillotine choke. Reis finally escapes his head and trips Menjivar to the mat — in full mount. Reis looks for kata-gatame, but Menjivar escapes. Reis with great top control, keeps mount and lands a few punches as Menjivar pulls him close. Crowd is yelling, “BORING!” Menjivar finally able to hip escape and reposition his guard with 0:30 left and the boo’s cascading. Elbows to the head from Reis ends the stanza. This round belonged to Reis, and it seems, so does the fight.

Wilson Reis defeated Ivan Menjivar by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Mike Ricci vs. Myles Jury (Lightweights)

Round One: Long feeling out process to begin, both missing punches and kicks from range. Right hand from Jury lands, as does a glancing leg kick. They engage, miss, retreat. Big right from Jury after missed kick from Ricci. Ricci struggling to establish his southpaw jab. Jury shoots and scores a takedown. They’re pinned to the cage at 1:30 left. Crowd is bored — fans are seen waving to the camera, others are booing. Rogan on commentary: “This is boring, but this is the struggle.” They disengage as the round ends. Jury wins 10-9.

Round Two: Nice round kick to the body by Ricci. Jury tries a spinning back fist, it misses badly. Another good body kick from Ricci. Jury misses his jabs. Ricci finally lands his jab solidly. Ricci glances with the body kick — his corner is yelling like it was a huge blow, but the crowd is silent before starting the “BORING” chants and whistles. Neither guy landing consistently, but Jury is particularly tentative. They continue dancing around and missing strikes until the round ends. 10-9 round for Ricci.

Round Three: Jury shoots for a takedown and gets it. They slowly scramble to their feet and stay clinched to the cage. They exchange positions several times but land nothing of significance and never come close to a submission. The bell sounds on a terrible bout. I score the round even but it will likely go to Jury based on the takedown.

Myles Jury defeats Mike Ricci by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Main Card (PPV)

Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (Lightweights)

Round One: Healy goes on the attack with roundhouse punching. Nurmagomedov moving in and out, lands flying knee. And another. Healy is cut. Healy lands a right to the body, but Nurmagomedov with a good uppercut. Takedown, Healy is right back up. But it seals the round for the Russian. 10-9, Nurmagomedov.

Round Two: Nice left hook by Healy, but Nurmagomedov takes his back in a scramble. Healy escapes but eats a right and left hook combination. Uppercut from Nurmagomedov. Healy scores a takedown but Nurmagomedov right back up. Nurmagomedov continues to dominate standup, including a nasty elbow to the face. 10-9, Nurmagomedov.

Round Three: Healy advances with the jab, but gets stunned by a left hook. Nurmagomedov shrugs off a Healy takedown. Nurmagomedov trips him to the mat for some more G’n’P. Healy scrambles, but a big slam takedown by Nurmagomedov. Punches and elbows rain down as Nurmagomedov steps into Healy’s half-guard. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Pat Healy by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Costa Philippou vs. Francis Carmont (Middleweights)

Round One: Carmont fires a good leg kick and shoots for a takedown. They struggles against cage. Carmont presses to finish the takedown, even getting a hook around back, to land roundhouse lefts to Philippou’s head. Carmont attacks with rear naked choke. Philipou scrambles to half guard, where some Carmont lands punches and elbows. Philippou tries armbar to no avail, Carmont passes to side for more strikes. Philippou repositions to guard, but fails another armbar attempt as time expires. 10-9, Carmont.

Round Two: Carmont shoots another takedown, gets Philippou against the cage for more elbows and punches. Philippou struggles to escape in his half guard as Carmont hits shots here and there. Halfway through the round, John McCarthy stands them up. Carmont immediately shoots back in and gets another takedown. Carmont advances to mount as time expires. 10-9, Carmont.

Round Three:
Carmont shoots in immediately, gets another takedown. More punches and elbows. Philippou tries to defend, then tries a guillotine, but it’s all to no avail. The action stays on the mat for the duration of the round with Carmont landing his ground-and-pound. He advances back to mount briefly as time expires.

Francis Carmont defeats Costa Philippou by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Brendan Schaub vs. Matt Mitrione (Heavyweights)

Round One:
Mitrione refuses to touch gloves to begin. Schaub takes the outside, grazes with a left hand. Inside leg kick by the southpaw Mitrione. They’re jawing at each other. Mitrione’s left eye bloodied by a Schaub right hand. Inside leg kick by Mitrione. Schaub advances with wild haymakers, then lands a great double leg. Mitrione scrambles up to be caught in a D’Arce choke… where he goes limp!

Brendan Schaub defeats Matt Mitrione by Technical Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 4:06 of the first round.

Renan Barão vs. Eddie Wineland (For Barão’s Interim Bantamweight Title)

Round One: Nice left hand and inside leg kicks from Wineland. Both guys dart in an out, but Barão looking a little tentative. They clinch, and are separated. High kick by Barão is caught, and the champion is tossed to the mat. Right to the body by Wineland. Barão lands a left and a leg kick. Barão fails a takedown attempt. Wineland with another right to the body. Right hand/left hook combo sends Wineland backward. The bell sounds on a close round, but Wineland was a little more active. 10-9 for Wineland.

Round Two: The two bounce back and forth, and Barão suddenly hits a turning side kick to the face! Wineland drops and Barão pounces on him for punches. Ref steps in at 0:35 of round two.

Renan Barão defeats Eddie Wineland by T/KO (kick and punches) at 0:35 of round two.

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson (For Jones’ Light Heavyweight title)

Round One: Gustafsson attacks with straight punches and leg kicks as Jones circles. Jones hits a spinning back kick to the body. Jones with the stomping kicks to the knee. Jab by Gustafsson, who starts taking the outside. He shoots the right at Jones. Jones is cut. Gustafsson moves forward with uppercuts. Jones with the spinning back kick to the body. Right hand from Gustafsson. Jones with a leg kick. Gustafsson shoots a takedown and gets it! Jones scrambles up. They clinch to the cage, and action is halted for an eye poke. It happened as Jones reaching to grab Gustafsson’s face.

On the restart, Jones lands a spinning elbow, and another elbow shot, a hard roundhouse to the challenger’s head. End of the round. It’s close, but I give it to Gustafsson, 10-9.

Round Two:
Gustafsson catches a Jones kick and takes him down again! But Jones scrambles right back up. Jones looks for the takedown, but Gustafsson sprawls out of it. Gustafsson looking loose, landing hand combo’s. Jones with a front kick to the body. Jones with a side kick to the thigh. Glancing spinning back kick to the body by Jones. Good front kick to the face by Jones, who is finally finding his range. Gustafsson hits the jab, then catches another Jones kick. He can’t quite get the takedown, and they disengage. High kick by Jones glances. Uppercut by Gustafsson lands cleanly. Rogan: “Gustafsson seems to have the hand advantage, and more fluidity.” I concur. It’s close but I’ve got it another 10-9 round for the Swede.

Round Three: Right overhand and left uppercut lands for Gustafsson. Leg kick by Gustafsson. Jones looks for the spinning back kick again. Gustafsson shrugs off a takedown attempt and lands a good jab to the body. High kick by Gustafsson. Jones with a round kick to the body. Inside leg kick by Gustafsson. Uppercut/right hand combo by Gustafsson. They exchange jabs. Gustafsson’s lead leg is noticeably red. Hard kicks to the body from Jones have Gustafsson staggered a little — Spinning back kicks and front kicks. Gustafsson catches a kick but can’t get the takedown. Spinning elbow from Jones, it just glances. They both try takedowns as time expires. It’s a close round but I like Jones’ kicks here, so 10-9 Jones.

Round Four: Jones lands another good round kick to the body. Right hand over the top from Jones. Gustafsson on his bicycle now, but stops to shoot a right hand. Good jab from Jones. Leg kick from Jones. Jab from Gustafsson. Big left hook to the face from Gustafsson. Right hand from Gustafsson. Jones clinches Gustafsson against the cage, who circles out. Jones bleeding badly from the right eye. Right hand from Gustafsson who seems to have turned the tide again. Jones misses the elbow shot. Jones staggers Gustafsson with a big spinning elbow and follows with a knee. Gustafsson shrugs off a takedown but lands another big elbow to cut the challenger. Gustafsson struggling to survive. Jones may have stolen that round, 10-9, so I’ve got this even.

Round Five: Jones keeps up the attack, stepping in with elbows and punches. Gustafsson lands an uppercut and jab. Jones with a right. Both men bloodied. Jones, on his 10th takedown attempt, finally gets the challenger down — but he scrambles right back up. What a battle. Roundhouse head kick by Jones. Gustafsson looking extremely tired, and on the retreat. He still manages to jab, and throw a few uppercuts. Jones with another head kick. They both miss jabs. Head kick by Jones lands… and again! Gustafsson with an incredible chin. Jones with a flying knee. Jones with a flying knee. That’s Jones’ round, 10-9.

First two rounds were clearly Gustafsson’s, the last was clearly Jones. The middle rounds are debatable. Nothing would surprise me in terms of this decision.

Jon Jones defeats Alexander Gustafsson by Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) to defend the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

What a fight!

Thanks for joining us! We’ll see you next time.