Rebellion Media head honcho Scott Hastings went to UFC 165 this weekend in Toronto, Canada, and got to witness firsthand the epic battle between champ Jon Jones and challenger Alexander Gustafsson. These were his observations:

  • When Alexander Gustaffson came out to Avicci’s “Wake me up”, the crowd went crazy. I suspect the UFC picked that song for him. The UFC really needs to improve the sound quality of the walk in songs for viewers at home. You can barely hear it at home and live it’s like the best one-minute rock concert you’ve ever been to.
  • Jones got a lot of boos when they showed him on the screen in the opener.


  • The prelims went too long and they didn’t show the famous UFC intro that features The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”. I’ve been to a few events where this has happened. This might be the best thing about the live show and they should always make sure they show it.
  • They showed Toronto Maple Leaf star Joffrey Lupul between a fight, and he got a loud ovation. They cut to Glover Teixeira right after, and he received a light applause from almost no one. If anyone from the UFC was watching this, they might think twice about giving him a title shot.
  • The crowd looked pretty packed for the main event.


  • Laurence Fishburne was there and received a surprisingly loud ovation.
  • Fans booed Jones as he was doing his post-fight interview, which made no sense. Hate the guy all you want, but that was a good fight and he put it on the line.
  • A guy sitting near us kept screaming into the cage for a particular fighter to “Circleee! Circleee!” I’ll never understand this. Does Joe the Fan think the fighter is listening to guy in the 30th row?


  • Having the translator in the cage always makes for some weird moments. Nothing you can do about it, but it’s never smooth
  • The heavyweights are more exciting than the lighter guys. The fans boo the small guys after five seconds of no action
  • From our vantage point, the Renan Barao/Eddie Wineland fight should have kept going.
  • Overall it was a good event and the place was more packed than it was for Jones vs. Vitor Belfort from last year.