UFC 164’s sixth bout was a fast-paced flyweight encounter dominated by the unusual, stance-switching style and viscous ground-and-pound of Tim Elliott.

The Missouri battler would dominate all three rounds as his opponent, Louis Gaudinot of New Jersey, struggled to keep pace.

Elliott scored every takedown he attempted and landed wild combinations throughout the bout. Gaudinot was bloodied at the end of the first, but survived to be out-landed and beat up on the mat in the third.

Commentator Joe Rogan would remark, “Not the most technical strikes, but he’s landing them over and over again!”

The scores came in at 30-27, 30-26, and 30-26.

With the defeat, Gaudinot drops to 1-2 in his UFC career, while Elliott improves to 2-1.

At UFC 164, Time Elliott defeated Louis Gaudinot by Unanimous Decision.