The fourth bout of UFC 164 was a fast-paced encounter between two promising bantamweights in Chico Camus and Kyung Ho Kang. Ho Kang would dominate much of the action with takedowns and top control, but perhaps failed to accomplish enough there — as some choice damaging striking from Camus would earn him the decision.

The striking in round one went back and forth, but a left hook/overhand right combination by Camus served as the stanza’s highlight. Ho Kang scored a takedown to dominate groundwork for most of the round, threatening passes and landing the occasional strike.

The second round offered more of the same, as Camus landed a right that seemed to hurt Ho Kang, but the Korean took him down to control most of the stanza. Camus scored a good sweep and landed a few strikes near the round’s conclusion.

The third was dominated by Ho Kang’s top control but highlighted by a Camus up-kick. The bout went to the judges where the scores came in 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 for Camus.

At UFC 164, Chico Camus defeated Kyung Ho Kang by unanimous decision.