If you’ve been following the UFC for a few years now, and the name Gleison Tibau still doesn’t ring a bell, either you don’t pay much attention when you watch fights, or it might be time to visit a doctor. The reason being that when Tibau steps into the cage tonight at UFC 164 to battle Jamie Varner, the massive lightweight (and that’s an understatement) will be competing in his 20th UFC fight. That’s crazy.

To put this into some perspective, after today, only nine other dudes will have fought more times in the Octagon.  When you consider plenty of fighters come into the UFC, fight two, three times and then get cut, what Tibau’s accomplished is pretty impressive. Currently the American Top Team fighter holds a record of 12-7 in the UFC (which is not bad at all considering how deep the lightweight division is). So how doe Tibau feel about fighting in the Octagon for the 20th time? In a recent interview with MMA Fighting.com, here is some of what Tibau had to say:

“This is my 20th fight in the UFC and I will use the experience in my favor,” Tibau said. “Every fight is like a debut for me. I feel that the sport is growing so much that there’s always someone in the arena for the first time, so I have to please him. I love that. Fighting 20 times in the UFC isn’t easy, but I want more.”

And what’s Tibau plan of  attack Varner to lock up his 13th win with the UFC?

“He is very versatile and fast, has dangerous hands, good takedowns,” Tibau said. “But we saw some flaws in his ground game, so we will work on that to get the submission. He has a good ground game, but I will work on that to get the win and earn a chance against the top fighters. I want to show the UFC and the fans what I’m capable of.”

That folks, should be an outstanding prelim fight between two very experienced vets. UFC 164 goes down today at Milwaukee’s Bradley Center and the action gets under way on Facebook at 6:30 PM EST.

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