Sure, most people (and especially the betting lines) don’t expect Chan Sung Jung to pull off another mind blowing upset at UFC 163 next month, when he steps into the cage with featherweight champ Jose Aldo. Unlike Chris Weidman, who many observers believed would either threaten or defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 162, “The Korean Zombie” seems to have fewer pundits predicting he could rock the MMA world on August 3rd.

In fact, while speaking to MMA recently, “TKZ” acknowledged that not only is he a massive underdog, but that he also understands why.

“Aldo is close to perfect as a fighter and I realize that I have shortcomings in my game,” he said. “On paper it may not look like a good fight, but in MMA things happen that you can’t predict on paper. I think the difference may come down to the mental game.”

Aldo has entrenched a position in the UFC’s top ten, pound-for-pound rankings–he currently sits at #4–thanks to a 15 fight winning streak and victories over noted wrestlers and strikers alike. While the 26 year-old star is a decorated jiu-jitsu competitor and black belt, Aldo’s feared striking game has been key to his success.

While “TKZ” clearly respects Aldo and what he brings into the Octagon (cue footage of fight stopping knees and thigh crushing kicks), the rugged featherweight noted:

“If there’s an opportunity for a takedown, I’ll take advantage of it, but I’m very confident in my striking. So I don’t mind if the fight stays standing.”

Although Aldo-Pettis would have been a barnburner too, seeing “TKZ” come at the champ in a few weeks should be pretty intriguing.

The event will be hosted by HSCB Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.