Before Chan Sung Jung separated his shoulder last night at UFC 163, and Jose Aldo swarmed in for the finish like a hawk dive bombing its prey, the featherweight champ did seem a little off. As the commentators noted, Aldo did not throw nearly as many of his infamous, thigh crushing kicks, like the ones that left Urijah Faber a hobbling mess at WEC 48.

Well, Aldo revealed after why he didn’t use the deadly weapon more often, and it wasn’t because he was worried about getting taken down (quote via MMA

“He knew I’d be giving him low kicks, and I think the first combination I kicked straight at his knee,” said Aldo, who finished the injured “Korean Zombie” off with punches in round four. “I don’t know if I broke my foot, but I can hardly walk on it. So I had totally change my strategy. I had to do some boxing, use some wrestling and use some jiu-jitsu.”

One would think having a trashed foot could be a reason why Aldo wasn’t overly aggressive in the bout, and the champ also offered this explanation after the card.

“I always try to fight in a very aggressive manner, so I have a lot more to lose than my opponent,” he said. “I try to fight with some intelligence and not attack crazily. I knew I was winning the fight. I was going to keep things under control. People think on TV I’m tired because I have to cut weight, but I fight intelligently. I try to keep calm, and I know I’m going to win the fight.”

So, the Aldo era continues, and it will be interesting to see who the UFC taps to fight the champ next. Obviously if his foot is broken, it could be a while before his next bout gets booked.