Following Anderson Silva’s shocking loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, the legend certainly seemed disappointed, but he likely surprised plenty of people when ┬áhe initially expressed no interest in fighting the new champ again. While rumors continue to swirl regarding the status of a possible rematch, and yes, that the fight may have been fixed (cue dramatic music), the fighter’s camp has released a compelling video blog that followed the former champ before and after the defeat. Since Silva typically shies away from cameras, rather than sprinting towards them, it’s kind of a surprising twist.

The blog follows Silva briefly before the July 6th tilt, but most of it documents the 38 year-old middleweight after his KO loss. It even shows his pal and student Usher consoling and advising Silva afterwards, as well as boxing star Jon Jones Jr. relaying the fighter has nothing to be ashamed about.

Near the end of the video, the cameras capture an emotional Silva alongside his teammates and friends in a hotel room, evidently reflecting on what had just gone down. Regardless of one’s opinion regarding Silva’s gameplan and or antics that night, the Brazilian star certainly doesn’t appear to be fine with what transpired.

In the post fighter presser, Silva credited Weidman for his performance, and also relayed that carrying the belt was a source of tremendous pressure. Silva also said he wanted to spend some time with his family and friends before making a decision regarding what should come next. UFC President Dana White is reporting that he’s heading to Los Angeles next week to meet with Silva and to discuss the possibility of a rematch. According to some reports, Silva has already decided he wants to throw down with Weidman again.

The above video is definitely worth a watch.