Watch as Junior dos Santos talks on his title loss to Cain Velasquez, and how he found out afterwords that his creatine levels were too high, due to over-training; causing early fatigue in the fight. To assure this doesn’t happen again, JDS has made sure to have a specialist at his side checking his levels constantly.

We then get another look at the Cinderella story that is Mark Hunt. Relive the moments of Hunt’s resurgence in the UFC. Watching the highlight knockouts of Hunt, we’re reminded that Hunt may in fact be the man with the better knockout power, with much more experience; coming from Pride and K-1. Hunt professes that he was in search of a new challenge when moving to mixed martial arts. He proved to be great in MMA as well, as he knocks out many of the top dogs at the time, including Wanderlei Silva and Mirko CroCop.  Unfortunately his vulnerability proved to be his ground game, which is still questioned today.