Mike “The Martian” Ricci (7-3-0) vs. Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher (8-2-0)

Ricci was supposed to be the favorite going into the final of his season of the Ultimate Fighter, but Colton Smith exposed the biggest flaw in his fight game when he controlled Ricci on the ground. He has now dropped down to 155 and faces another TUF runner-up in Colin Fletcher, who will look to further expose that hole in Ricci’s games. Fletcher needs to get the fight to the ground where he can use his vaunted grappling game, but Ricci will want to use his striking to finish this fight. It just matters who can keep the fight where they want it.

The Bottom Line:

Fletcher has the ability to stand and trade with Ricci on the feet, but Fletcher is a monster on the ground. Look for a submission in the second round after a back-and-forth first round.

Chris Camozzi (18-5-0) vs. Nick “The Promise” Ring (13-1-0)

Camozzi is on the cusp of gaining a fight against the top ten of the middleweight division, and all he has to do is win this fight. The same goes for Ring, whose only loss comes to Tim Boestch. Both fighters are very well-rounded, and it will come down to who can dictate the pace of this fight. The big difference may be Ring’s wrestling, which has won him more than one battle. If he can hold Camozzi down he will win, which is what other fighters have done before to defeat the California native.

The Bottom Line:

Ring has won more than one fight in the UFC by very close split decision, and that will not happen in this fight. Camozzi will do enough to earn an unanimous decision win over the Canadian.

Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger (28-6-0) vs. Nate “The Great” Marquardt (32-11-2)

While Ellenberger against Hendricks would have been a fun bout to watch, the match between Ellenberger and Marquardt has finish written all over it. If Marquardt wants to win, he will need to stave off the takedown and make use of his amazing combinations. For Ellenberger, he has the power to finish anyone but also has the chance of getting caught. Historically, Marquardt has lost to fighters who could control him on the ground, and Ellenberger has the wrestling to do so even though this fight will most likely be contested on the feet.

The Bottom Line:

The one thing about Marquardt’s combinations is it leaves him open for punches, and that is when Ellenberger will land his big punch. The Nebraska native wins by TKO in the first round.

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