Brendan Schaub vs. Todd Duffee

Schaub finally showed a little bit of growth in his career, because even though he tries to usually go for the knockout, he was content to take Lavar Johnson out of his element. It remains to be seen how he will do against a good striker with a competent ground game. A match with the returning powerhouse Duffee would be a great test for both fighters.

Michael Chiesa vs. Mark Bocek

Bocek is coming off a loss, but after seeing what Chiesa is capable of once the fight is on the ground, it makes sense to face him off against a great grappler. Bocek is a black belt, and he is a veteran of the Octagon. Having Cheisa go against the grappling credentials of Bocek would be a nice test to see how good his ground game is.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Nik Lentz

Bermudez has won three straight fights after losing his season of the Ultimate Fighter, and it would be logical to match him up with someone at the same point in his career. Lentz is another fighter who, despite being one of the more boring fighters at the beginning of his UFC career, has turned over a new leaf and put on some great fights. Lentz has won two straight since going to featherweight, and a match with Bermudez will produce fireworks for the fans.

Sam Stout vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Sam Stout came out of that fight by the skin of his teeth, but just like with Lyoto Machida, it was a win regardless of how the decision is read. Vallie-Flag took out another UFC striker in his debut in Yves Edwards, and a match with Stout would be a nice step up.

Kenny Robertson vs. Justin Edwards

Robertson was a grappling master on the ground in his fight even before the fight ended. It would be nice to see a bout against another fighter who had a great submission performance. Edwards took out Josh Neer in under a minute with a guillotine choke, and it would be fun to watch these two try to submit one another.