“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (6-0-0) vs. Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche (8-2-0)

Yes, this match is history, it helps determine the future of women’s MMA, and is something that has been nothing less than a home run for the UFC. Also, at the end of the day, it is still just a title fight between two of the best fighters of their respected division, and it really does not matter they are women. Two fighters will go into the cage, and whoever wins will come away with the UFC bantamweight title. One of the more interesting parts in the lead-up to this fight is that Rousey admits she does not see herself as the champion until she wins and the belt this weekend.

Through nine fights, counting her amateur career, Rousey has submitted every one of her opponents in the first round. While the actual armbar itself is a big part of Rousey’s game, her takedowns are just as important. Her takedowns are different in that they come from judo, and she uses a variety of tosses instead of straight double- and single-legs. Miesha Tate was a state champion in wrestling, and Rousey still had no trouble getting her to the ground.

For Carmouche, her abilities come from her toughness, and her ability to punish opponents. Five of her eight wins have come by TKO, and that is where she may not even have an advantage. Carmouche has been training and competing just as long as Rousey, and no one is sure just how good Rousey is standing up since she is so good on the ground. The problem that most people are going to encounter when facing Rousey is that difference in experience. Rousey has been training in judo since she was 10-years old, and judo is not like wrestling since it incorporates submissions. Since MMA has been around so long the fighters of today have been training since they were little, and since women’s MMA has only been around for a few years women can dominate with being excellent in one discipline – just like the beginning days of the UFC.

The Bottom Line:

Rousey has this fight, and she will continue her streak. Rousey will win this fight by first-round submission due to armbar.

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