Urijah Faber(26-6-0) vs. Ivan Menjivar(25-9-0)

This is a rematch nearly seven years in the making. What a lot of people do not know is their first fight ended from an illegal kick, so there was no definite winner. Faber has only lost outside of a title fight in one of his six losses. The two fighters will most likely be even in the stand-up portion of the fight. Both have had knockouts, but they are not primarily known for them. Faber may be quicker, but Menjivar most likely has more power in his hands.

This fight will really be decided on the ground. Both fighters are accomplished grapplers, but Faber has the better wrestling. Menjivar needs to be defensive in his wrestling, or he needs to be able to sweep or reverse on the ground. If Menjivar cannot defend the takedown it will be a long night, and he will most likely lose the fight.

The Bottom Line:

Menjivar will not be able to defend the takedown, and that will be the deciding factor. The stand-up will be even, but Faber dominates on the ground. Faber by unanimous decision.

Court McGee(13-3-0) vs. Josh Neer(33-12-1)

McGee is making the drop to welterweight in a decision that took over a year to make. He is facing the ultra-tough finisher Neer in his debut. While McGee is probably technically the better striker, he should not keep the fight there. Neer may throw wildly, but he does have a lot of power. Even though other fighters have caught him, McGee has not shown tremendous power. He needs to take this to the ground. McGee’s wrestling and BJJ will allow him to keep control on the ground.

The Bottom Line:

As long as McGee mixes in his wrestling with his striking, he will take this fight. Neer has a great ground game, but McGee has the ability to defend those submissions. McGee by unanimous decision.

Josh Koscheck(17-6-0) vs. Robbie Lawler(19-9-0-1)

Lawler has a tough first fight in his return to the UFC and the welterweight division. Lawler has not fought at 170 for nearly nine years. In the stand-up department, the edge has to go to Lawler, who is known for his amazing knockouts. Even though he was 3-5 in the Strikeforce promotion, he continued to stay relevant in the title picture due to his knockout power. He has knocked out 16 people out of his 19 wins. Koscheck would be making a big mistake to stand with him.

Koscheck needs to use his wrestling, because that is where Lawler has usually been beaten. Not only are five of his nine losses by submission, but most of the other losses have come from people who could control him on the ground. The problem is that Koscheck has not used his wrestling since his fight with Paul Daley. He was even content to stand with Hendricks even though the bout was very close.

The Bottom Line:

Lawler’s youth will win him this bout. Even though he has been fighting longer, he is only 30-years old and quicker, and he will finish this fight as Koscheck is content to stay standing. Lawler by first-round knockout.

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