Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

It is possible that Koscheck could be dropped from the UFC after his 2-3 streak in the Octagon. Thiago has not been dropped from the promotion despite his current 1-4 streak in the UFC either, and maybe it is now time to let the two rematch. The two first fought back in February of 2009, and Koscheck has always talked about that fight as if he has wanted a do-over. It was a knockout loss just like this fight, but it could also be used as a “loser leaves town” match.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Hugo Viana

Menjivar seemed to be out of his element against Urijah Faber, but it may just be how good Faber is when the pressure of the title is gone. Viana came from the Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, and he has been impressive as of late. In his bantamweight debut he knocked out Reuben Duran, and while he is coming off a win, it would be a good match-up for Menjivar.

Dan Henderson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Henderson is now coming off a loss, but at age 42 he should not drop to the back of the line. Plus, considering how he lost and how Rogerio won, is there really such a big difference? The two first fought in April of 2005, and Henderson was submitted eight minutes into the fight. A win for either of them in this bout would put the winner within another a fight or two of a title shot.

Liz Carmouche vs. Germaine de Randamie

De Randamie was announced as one of the fighters who was signed to the UFC female bantamweight division, and it is questionable why she should get a fight with the second biggest fighter in the UFC’s newest division. Well, that is because Carmouche stepped up and faced the toughest woman at 135, and now maybe she should face someone she can show off her skills against. De Randamie is a stand-up fighter who would make another great showcase of the skill that the women possess.

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