Leading up to UFC 153 the promotion has been doing its hardest to promote the main event between the first Ultimate Fighter runner up Stephan Bonnar and longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva. What many fans are calling a mismatch, the promotion is calling the ultimate underdog story, or a test between a finisher like Silva and a man to never be submitted or finished in Bonnar. We will find out next week if Bonnar can prove to be any type of challenge for Anderson, but you have to admit the UFC marketing machine is making this bout seem very intriguing.

In this video Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonnar talk about Bonnar’s upcoming bout. Forrest tells him what not to do, and according to the video you cannot punch, standup, kick, try to submit, talk trash, or be nice to Anderson or it will all end badly. Just ask former opponents Griffin, Chael Sonnen, James Irvin, Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson. In the end, Bonnar tries to elicit some help from Sonnen in exchange for some Intel on Griffin. One of the funnier commercials the UFC has had, but you can’t expect less from Bonnar and Griffin.