This is technically the first time Jon Jones and Dana White have talked, albeit it is them answering questions about the upcoming UFC 152 and a bit about UFC 151. Much of the focus was put on the relationship of White and Jones, and how the cancellation has affected everone. Between that and the long winded answers by Vitor Belfort, not much time was left for the Flyweights. Out of all of the fallout that UFC 151 had caused in its cancellation, removing the focus from the first Flyweight title has to be one of the worst for hardcore fans. Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson are two of the best fighters int he world, and it is rare when the consensus number one and two in a division fight.

As for Belfort, the rationale behind that choice is he simply asked according to White and Belfort himself. When it was heard Jones was going to be fighting without an opponent at 152, Belfort begged to fight him. Machida and Shogun had already turned down the fight, and Vitor stepped up when no one else would. As we have seen before in MMA anything can happen, so you will have to see what happens at the fights. Dana and Jones have seemed to cool down a bit, and both look forward to talking pre UFC 152. It seems the ill will has lost its luster, and the two and the two can work things out. Lets hope so, because the UFC needs its champions.