Coming out of the UFC 152 pay-per-view event, the one big question on everyone’s mind is how hurt is Jon Jones right now? He clearly did not look well during the post fight interview as he held his elbow and said to have numbness in the elbow. The earliest news is that he looks to have serious nerve damage in his bicep and elbow after defending the armbar that made a ‘pop’ noise according to Jones and Belfort. He can now be added to the list of hurt champions  as he will likely need a few months to heal. Even more shocking is the news that Vitor reportedly came close to earning the title while coming in to the fight with a broken hand he suffered in training, according to his camp. Belfort refused to verify or deny the claim at this point.

Now on to the fight night bonuses which were awarded an extra $65,000 on top of their purse. Jon Jones received that extra income with Submission of the Night for his Americana finish that should help nurse the injured elbow suffered early in the fight. Likely an easy choice for the UFC brass, Fight of the Night went to TJ Grant and Evan Dunham who fought to entertain the fans, and to climb up the lightweight ladder. Cub Swanson earned his third knockout in a row, and he earned his second Knockout of the Night bonus in a row as well. He may very well have earned a shot at a top contender in the featherweight division, as he has shown he is a force to be reckoned with as well.

UFC 152 despite tepid ticket sales was able to pull in nearly 17,000 people into the arena at an announced attendance of 16,800. While UFC 140, which was also headlined by Jones, had more than 18,000 people in the arena. The event took in almost 2 million in sales, and once again compared to 140 which took in nearly 4 million, you have to consider the cards. While the card had Bisping and Stann the problem is 140 had Frank Mir, big Nog, Little Nog, and Tito Ortiz. Sad to say, but more people are excited to see them than seeing the first Flyweight champion crowned as the division is still working to earn the respect of the casual fan.