Georges St. Pierre and Chael Sonnen are arguably two of the biggest draws in the UFC. Chael for all his trash-talking, has remained relevant and poignant within the company after his second loss to champion Anderson Silva. GSP has been out of commission since an injury to his ACL. Many have wondered what will happen next for these two fighters, and Dana White helped to answer those questions at a pre-fight press conference for UFC 149.

St. Pierre has been penciled in for a return to the cage at UFC 154 in Montreal later this year. The problem was no one knew if he would be healed by that time. The back up plan was to take either Johny Hendricks or Martin Kampmann from the co-main event and slip them in against Carlos Condit. but as of right now, plan A is still on. White announced that GSP is still on track for the return date, and that his training is going well.

As for the Chael Sonnen his future is not so clear, and not because he doesn’t have a bright one. It’s quite the opposite in that many people want to see Sonnen in action. He’s been keeping himself busy by doing Q and A’s for the UFC, making  appearances on UFC Tonight, and being an analyst for the fights. His charisma and intelligence have been sitting well with FOX execs who may use his skills on TV more often. Beyond that White said there are many options for him left in the octagon. He shied away from saying a third fight could happen between Sonnen and Silva, but there is still many big name fights left in the octagon.