You had to know once Anderson Silva exploded this week about Chael Sonnen in a pre-fight press conference that it would be pre-packaged into a promo. Well, now you have that promo. It starts off with typical Chael trash talk saying how he will end Anderson’s career, expose him as a fake, and win easily. The whole time it shows Anderson just sitting nonchalantly just supposedly listening to what Chael has to say. Then it launches ┬áinto Anderson’s tirade in which he promises that he will break most of the bones in Chael’s body, and will make him never want to fight again.

A lot of people have speculated that Chael may be in Anderson’s head, and his managers and Dana White alike have said they’ve never seen Anderson like this. So, it would be evidence that Anderson is not his usual self, but that could be a good or bad thing. No one in their right mind would want Anderson Silva mad at them.