You have to think that the fighters of UFC 148 are wishing they could have landed a submission, because in the absence of a submission there was only two bonuses handed out after the event. Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin were locked in the cage for another 15 minutes, and like their previous two fights, they left it all in the cage. This earned them a fight of the night bonus win. Anderson Silva looked to be in for a long night after the first round, but turned it around in round two. The champ did not only defeat his nemesis, but he also earned the knockout of the night bonus.

Tito Ortiz will never grace the octagon again, and unfortunately he could not get a win in his last fight. Hopefully, the extra $75,000 will comfort him in his exit from professional Mixed Martial Arts. It was time for Tito to hang it up considering he was 1-7-1 in his last nine fights. A great career, many records, a lasting legacy, and let’s hope a happy retirement. Forrest did not look great in the win either, and just like in their first two bouts, many say the fight could go either way. Hard to say what is next for the first Ultimate Fighter winner, but he still comes to fight.

Anderson Silva was very different leading up to this fight. His demeanor, the way he talked, and the anger he seemed to exude. Then there was the fight. The first round went exactly like the last fight with Sonnen taking him down and mounting him by the end of the round. In between rounds Anderson’s corner said it was time for him to actually start, and that was all it took. The second round started and the takedowns didn’t come, they exchanged punches, Chael missed a spinning backfist, and fell down. That was all it took and Anderson unleashed a brutal knee to the solar plexus and the fight was over after that.  Anderson collected his belt, a win, and an extra 75k for his wallet.