Though not official, this fan made UFC 147: Silva vs. Sonnen trailer is on par with most official promo trailers produced by the UFC. The event itself is also unofficial at this time, but is targeted for June 16 in the champs backyard of Sao Pauolo, Brazil. The venue is not yet known either, but UFC president Dana White has said that he is hoping to fill a soccer stadium on their return to Brazil.

This may be the perfect time to attempt such a feat, this may be the perfect time. The anticipated rematch fight is almost two years in the making as it was Aug. 2010 when the two first went five-rounds before Anderson Silva pulled off a last minute triangle submission to retain his title. After surviving a four and a half round beat down by Sonnen, to come back and finish his opponent was a highlight that has been talked about ever since. Unfortunately though – following the fight, Sonnen was found with highly elevated levels of testosterone, which he cited as prescribed by his physician. The use was not approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission and Sonnen was subsequently removed from the sport for over a year in the aftermath.