The UFC hype machine is out in full force before the holiday weekend. In preparation for the Heavyweight title fight between Junior Dos Santos and challenger Frank Mir, the UFC has started to produce some quality promos for television. As with the Rashad Evans and Jon Jones ‘Why I am a Fighter‘ series, the UFC has dropped the ‘See What Happens‘ line. The videos are in stark contrast just like the fighters.

Frank Mir is all about the submissions. Talking about see what happens when he locks in a hold, or see what happens when people refuse to tap. It is hard to deny that he is one of the best heavyweight submission artist to grace the sport of MMA, if not the best. Also, it highlights that he is a two-time champion having held the title and an interim title. If he is able to win this fight, he will become the only fighter to hold a heavyweight title three times. I guess will see what happens Frank.