Yesterday’s UFC 145 press conference brought light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Rashad Evans together in Atlanta, Georgia as part of promoting the upcoming April 21st card.

Evan’s and Jones have had a long history of disputes in the press throughout the last two years. With the injuries suffered by both Jones and Evans and a change in the divisions layout, the two have cooled on their verbal exchanges in the media. However, as you will see in the recent conference as soon as Evans provoked Jones, all the niceties have went out the window.

“I think that my opponent will be in my head this fight,” he said. “And I want him in my head because I realize when people are in my head, it brings out the best in me, and that’s what I’m prepared to show.”

“I’m going to be cliche and say I’m going to go out there with great intentions and train really hard and just have fun,” he said. “I realize when I have fun great things happen. Magical things happen.”But as he finished his thought, Evans interjected, saying “What do you really think, though?”

“You remember what I told you,” Jones said.

“I remember what you told me, but I remember you didn’t mean it. The fight won’t go five rounds” said Evans.