After the report just yesterday that UFC 115 would be held in Cincinnati, because of some legal issues about holding the event in the city, it was just made final today that UFC 115 will indeed be held in Vancouver as planned.

Both the Canadian Press and MMA Junkie, have confirmed with sources involved with the event, that the UFC got the OK with Canada. It was reported to the Vancouver Sun that UFC and Canadian officials have reached an agreement, during an emergency meeting last night.

The legal issue revolved around a worry that a fighter would sue the city of Vancouver, if he suffered and injury during the fight.

Vice pres. of UFC regulatory affairs, Marc Ratner, reported last night that he wasn’t giving up on having the UFC event in Vancouver, after rumors that it would be moved to Cincinnati.

“We’re certainly working hand in hand with the mayor’s office and the city council, and hopefully we have what they want,” Ratner said. “The fight is still going forward as we speak.”

This will be the UFC’s fourth visit to Canada, but it’s first visit to the provence of British Columbia.