You know a good way to get investigated by the Secret Secret and arrested and thrown in jail? Threaten a presidential candidate.

Which is what UFC champ Tyron Woodley did in response to something Republican nominee Donald Trump said at last night’s debates.

As per TMZ:

UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley has a major problem with Donald Trump talking about Ferguson, MO — warning the GOP nom to shut his mouth about his hometown … or else.

Woodley’s beef is based on the fact that Trump has never been to Ferguson — yet he mentioned the city in the debates Monday night when referencing cities with bad relationships between cops and citizens.

“I got something for you Donald Trump,” Woodley said … “Quit mentioning Ferguson. Because you ain’t never been to Ferguson and that’s where I’m from.”

“He gotta keep Ferguson out his mouth so he can keep my fist out of his mouth.”

“I take that personally because he hasn’t been there.”