When Tyron Woodley was a humble Strikeforce guy, he was likeable. But his years in the UFC have given him a chip on his shoulder, which makes it hard for fans to connect with him. We saw this play out when he fought in New York at UFC 205, as he was booed relentlessly whenever he appeared before the fans.

However, Woodley is letting that chip color his words about his boss, Dana White. And that’s… that didn’t work out so well for Tito Ortiz, did it?

Here’s Woodley from yesterday’s “The MMA Hour“:

“How is Dana White gonna call me a drama queen?” Woodley said. “He’s the biggest drama queen. I learned from the best.”

When Helwani asked Woodley to clarify what he meant, he said he thought it was “funny” White said that about him.

“I just think that we’ve seen Dana, if you get Dana mad, he gets really mad,” Woodley said. “And then really quickly — I think he’s mad at so many people, I think he forgets he’s mad at you. And he almost just wipes it from his memory. I thought it was actually kind of funny when he called me a drama queen.”