Well, it may have taken a while, but the drug test from UFC 149 have come back but the news is not good. While recently it was announced that UFC 150 participant Jake Shields had failed his drug test, we were not told why he failed (assumed to be marijuana). For the failed drug test at UFC 149 we at least know that Matt Riddle was suspended for 90 days, because he had tested positive for Marijuana during his pre-fight testing. Francisco Rivera on the other hand was suspended for taking an over the counter stimulant that was banned.

The fighters declined to protest their suspension, and have both apologized for their actions. While this suspension seems like a huge deal it is retroactive to the July 21st fight card date which would make them eligible to fight come this Friday. The fight card took place in Canada as the regulation differs when it comes to failed drug test. So do not take these suspensions as any indication to what Shields failed his for. All of this is coming after Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin were randomly drug tested. I guess TRT, injuries, and inability to take a short notice fight are not the only thing that have potential to ruin up coming fight cards. Let’s hope these fighters learn from their mistakes and keep their test clean for the rest of their careers.