It’s always an epic war on the Twitter battlefield! And who better to start drama than Tito Ortiz (with his trusty blonde sidekick Jenna,) against UFC CEO, Dana White.

After the UFC released this humorous video of Exec. Iceman Liddell, Tito gave his review of Chuck’s acting skills:

Funny video by @danawhite but horrible acting by @chuckliddell. Nice to see to I’m still relevant to them and the @ufc.

This of course didn’t sit well with Dana who quickly responded with:

@titoortiz bro u r the last guy on earth that should be raggin on peoples acting skills.

Luckily Jenna steps in to Tito’s aide:

@danawhite your the last guy in the world that should be ragging on Tito not being liked. Um, you pay him a fortune

The friendly banter quickly turns sour when Dana gets hostile:

@jennajameson hey jenna SHUT THE FUCK UP and mind ur biz!
@titoortiz put her on a fuckin leash!!!

Hmmmm…seems a little immature coming from the CEO of a huge organization, for shame Dana!

Tune in next time as the battle rages on with TWITTER WARS.