Erstwhile UFC middleweight contender and former walking test tube of synthetic hormones Vitor Belfort is stuck on the sidelines thanks to a surprise drug test he took the last time he was in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean the Brazilian shouldn’t try to remain relevant. And here he is trying to remain relevant in an interview with MMAFighting!

“I feel like an animal,” he said. “The Holy Spirit gives me everything I need. I’m training like an animal. Nobody trains harder than me.

“My hormone stays at 200 today, and the normal range is from 300 to 800. (TRT) raised my levels to a normal range according to the commission. My hormone was at the same level of my opponents’, so they are in advantage now.”

Is Belfort bitter over the whole TRT debacle and the fact that his improbable title run is now over thanks to some pesky restrictions on cheating? Um, yeah.

“After TRT was banned, Dan Henderson fought Shogun (Rua) with TRT,” Belfort continued. “That’s funny because a Brazilian can’t use TRT there (in the United States), but an American can fight here. If TRT exists in many others sports, why can’t it exist in MMA? If gives you no advantage, it only puts you at the same level of the other athletes.

“People say ‘oh, so you should retire.’ Yeah, you want me to retire so you won’t get knocked out. I won’t retire. I will be back and I will win.”

Hopefully, whatever nonsense happened with Belfort’s Nevada drug test can get worked out. Then we’ll be able to see if “Holy Spirit Vitor” is any better than “TRT Vitor”.