Roy Nelson didn’t like John McCarthy’s refereeing at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 95 in Brazil – someone about McCarthy letting opponent Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva taking too many shots before a stoppage – so Nelson flipped off the ref and kicked him.

Since it was Brazil, pretty much no sanctions have yet been levied against the TUF winner for his transgressions. UFC boss Dana White thinks that’s not cool.

As per the UFC Unfiltered podcast (h/t to MMAFighting):

“You can’t apologize for that,” White said. “You don’t ever, ever put your f**king hands on a referee, or your feet, for any reason whatso f**king ever. You don’t do it. He needs to be buried. He went over there and he put his foot on his ass to like push him over, you know what I mean? Was flipping him off, yelling whatever. You wanna flip a ref off, there is never, ever a situation where you put your f**king hands on a referee. Ever. You can’t apologize for that.”

White said the promotion will wait to see how the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) handles the situation, but Nelson “needs to be buried for that one.” MMA Fighting spoke with CABMMA officials and was informed that the case will be handled by the newly formed MMA’s Superior Justice Court (STJDMMA), and a STJDMMA attorney told MMA Fighting that the court has seven days to decide whether or not a complaint will be filed against him. STJDMMA is examining the situation, but no decision has been made yet.

“I’ve been traveling since the fight so I haven’t seen what’s going on, but if the Brazilian athletic commission doesn’t reign on him, man, it’s not good,” White said. “You don’t ever put your hands on a referee. I don’t care what the circumstances are, you don’t do. And listen, we don’t always agree with them, we have our favorites, we have our least favorites, [Steve] Mazzagatti, you know. The guy, no matter how good or whatever you feel about him, they are there for your safety. They are there to keep you safe. F**king, that dope isn’t the… you know what I mean?”