Tonight’s episode kicks off with Kyacey Uscola getting a chance to talk to his wife on a cellphone as he gets the news his son is born.

The show quickly jumps into Kris McCray  vs Kyacey Uscola.

Round One:

Uscola works from the outside, leaping in with punches. After Uscola throws  a few shin kicks, McCray winces. Uscola takes advantage running in for the kill. McCray stuffs the takedown but gets pressured against the fence. Uscola catches a knee to the groin. The two go back to standing. In a scramble, McCray takes Uscola’s back, but McCray is saved by the bell.

Round Two:

McCray takes Uscola down right away and gets side control. McCray  aka “The Savage” pulls off the keylock to win early in the second round.

Dana White, Coach Liddell, and Coach Ortiz. Right away Liddell is noticeably irritated as he finally voices his anger about Ring winning the decision over McGee. Ortiz responds saying lets put them in a rematch. Liddell does not agree, Ortiz repeats himself until White decides to make the two rematch.

White comes out to announce the the fights

Forrest Griffin shows up with the upcoming game UFC Undisputed 2010. Many of the fighters are excited playing.

Nick Ring goes to the doctor where he finds out he re -tore his ACL. Ring says he can either pull out of the TUF competition now, or keep fighting and most likely permanently damage his knee.

Dana White shows up and confronts Nick Ring asking him if he does not want to fight. Ring says its not his choice as he needs to get the surgery. In a cut scene, White tells the camera that Ring’s doctor said he can fight. White calls all the fighters together notifying them that Ring is injured and will not continue. White lets the fighters know he will be deciding who will fight. Hammortree chases White out the door voicing his interest. White gives him the fight.

James Hammertree vs Cort McGee

Round One

The two go back and forth tagging each other until McGee gets underhooks and pulls Hammertree down. The two scramble back to their feet. Hammertree shoots in, ultimately getting Mcgee’s back but unable to finish as an uneventful first round.

Round Two

Cort McGee comes out quickly grabbing a guillotine choke as Hammertree tries to shoot in again. Cort Mcgee dedicates the win to his Father.

The episode ends and its hinted that next episode Ortiz and Liddell almost throw down following a close fight. Ortiz is also hinted to leaving the show.