Tonights episode started with the victorious Nick Ring saying he felt loose ligaments in his knee, which Ring said started in his first TUF bout to get into the house.

Dana White announces Seth Baczynski vs Joe Henle for the final first round elimination. White does not feel Henle is well-rounded, while Bacznski he feels is the better mixed martial artist. White then announces that the fight for the wild card spot will take place soon.

Joe Henle says he barely went pro in July. Rich Attolio questions Henle’s mental state being ready for his upcoming fight.

Nick Ring slides his knee during practice in front of Coach Tito Ortiz .Ortiz takes Ring to the back room and feels around the knee. Ortiz believes it is a torn ACL as he says he has dealt with a torn ACL in the past.

Weigh-ins take place and both men weigh-in at 185 pounds even.

Joe Henle says he has only been training six months, but during that time he has been fully dedicated to his training. As Henle puts it he has been training his hands and his “jits” (jiu-jitsu) five times a day.

Joe Henle vs. Seth Baczynski

Round One:

Henle takes down Baczynski with a single leg. Baczynski comes close to slapping on a triangle during the scramble but loses it. Baczynski then goes for a guillotine choke which he gets deep but could not finish. Henle gets close to pulling off an anaconda in the scramble up but loses it. Henle takes Baczynski’s back but Baczynski turns out of it and into the guard, dropping  elbows and punches.

Round Two:

Henle now bleeding under the eye. Baczynski gets a sloppy takedown but looses top position.  Baczynski goes for a kimura but does not have his posture. Henle gets a rear-naked but Baczynski turns out of it again, this time losing. A flying knee from Baczynski misses as he flies into the fence in front of a shocked Dana White. Baczynski finishes the second round with a rear-naked choke in deep. Henle is saved by the bell.

The judges call it a draw as we head into the third round.

Round Three

Baczynski comes out strong throwing combination’s. Henle looks gassed as he goes for a sloppy kimura he loses. Baczynski in the half guard continues to smother Henle. Baczynski goes for a guillotine but loses it and switches to ground and pound from the guard. Baczynski continues to score in the guard for about a minute before trying to advance position. Henle does not allow Baczynski to get past half guard but is also unable to get out of the mount. In the last 30 seconding of the fight Henle starts swinging from the bottom.

White admits he was surprised by Henle’s  ability to make it a close fight

Judges score the fight  across the board 10-9  Seth Baczynski for the win.

Dana White announces the wild card fight will take place between Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray. Court Mcgee is also announced as the replacement to Rich Attonito, following Attonio’s injury.