Tuf 11: Team Liddell vs Team Ortiz episode six kicked off with Kyacey Uscola complaining about Ortiz’s rigorous training regiment. Ortiz gets wind of this and confronts Uscola. Uscola says he should of not told teammates and should have talked to coaches.

The coaches challenge takes place in dodgeball this season with the prize being five thousand for the winning coach and one thousand for each team member. Team Liddell dominates with Liddell never getting caught once, sweeping Team Punishment in a best of three.

During Team Punishment’s training James Hammortree lets out a scream of pain. While trying to defend a takedown attempt Hammortree injures his back and has to be carried out on a stretcher. Hammertree  later finds out the injury was  not too serious.

In the fight of the night Nick Ring is called out by Court McGee. In the build-up to the fight McGee talks about being a recovered drug addict, and Ring talks about MMA being the only “pure” sport.

The fight starts with McGee getting the early takedown but losing top position during a scramble. Ring then gets into McGee’s guard but is unable to do much for most of the round.

The second round is more of striking with McGee landing more and Ring throwing more punches. The fight goes the distance with the judges calling it 20-18, 19-19, 20-18 Nick Ring.

Chuck Liddell is seen extremely irate by the decision telling Dana White to “get the fuck outta  here“, staring down White as he walks away. White pleas with Liddell saying “why are you mad dogging me, I didn’t judge the fight.