Tonight’s episode Ten of  Tuf 11, starts with Chuck Liddell expressing his anger to White about Tito Ortiz pulling out of their UFC 114 fight.

Jamie Yager vs Josh Bryant

Round One

Yager comes out quickly, missing with a superman punch and pays badly with the counter by Bryant. Yager throws a missing flying kick and  Bryant pulls in the clinch . The men return back to the center of the ring and Yager lands a big low kick. Yager throws many punches and kicks missing until he lands a crotch shot on Bryant. Bryant continues right away. Yager gets his leg caught by Bryant, but Bryant is unable to finish the takedown. Bryant sends Yager to the mat with a huge hook as the round ends.

Caged Insider has the round 10-9 Josh Bryant

Round Two

Yager catches groin shot, takes a short break. The two start throwing more leather with Yager missing two flying leg kicks. Bryant gets a guillotine but Yager is able to wrestle out of it. Time is stopped to fix Yager’s wraps. Both men start swinging wildly with Yager catching a knee from the clinch in the end. Bryant takes Yager down and tries for wrist control from side control. When he is unsuccesful he holds Yager down and ground and pounds the last minute.

Caged Insider has the round 10-9 Josh Bryant FTW.

Judges declare it a draw..

Round Three

Jamie Yager is saying he can’t see, in the corner. The fight is stopped..

Chuck Liddell gets up excited chanting “quitter, just like Tito!” Tito is furious, walking around repeating “Puss“, referring to Yager. Yager gets taken away in a stretcher with a neck brace. Ortiz gathers his team together and says “he’s got no heart.”

Dana White calls Tito Ortiz and tells Tito he has a doctor for him to see in Los Angeles. Then the big punchline comes. Tito is told this is his last day and he will be replaced by Chuck’s new challenger. Ortiz shakes Whites hand saying thank you and leaves the office.

Ortiz leaves depressed with a tear in his eyes saying he has never been fired.

Dana White comes to the locker room and tells the fighter that they will be getting a new coach. The team is in shocked that Tito did not say goodbye. Yager arrives to his teammates saying he is the black sheep of the team.

Tito Ortiz shows up to the house to explain that White is replacing him. The team take shots to see off Ortiz.

Rich Franklin is shown as the new Team Ortiz coach. Next week the trainers will be announces and one is said to be a former champion

Next week is announced as a two-hour special.