Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher (8-1-0) vs. Norman “Stormin” Parke (16-2-0)

The edge in experience will go to Norman Parke, considering he is 16-1 since a loss in his debut. He is also a finisher having 15 finishes in his 16 wins, 12 of which came by submission. He did not show that finishing ability in the house taking both of his wins by decision. This might prove to be a ground battle considering Fletcher owns seven of his eight wins by submission as well, and finished his semifinal bout by submission.

Even though Parke has the experience, he is also the younger of the two, at 25.  His opponent Fletcher is now 29. While most American fans have not seen this show they will be surprised to see these two lock-up. The international version of the show had a lot more excitement than the current US version. This match may go the distance, because I do not see either of these ground specialist finishing one another. Sometimes when two ground fighters face off, the fight devolves into a stand-up fight, which is a good possibility in this fight.

The Bottom Line:
Parke takes this by experience, because he knows what to do and how to win fights. Parke by unanimous decision

Robert Whittaker (9-2-0) vs. Brad Scott (8-1-0)

Scott looks to be a well rounded fighter with a great record. However, You have to wonder whether he only finished those fights outside of TUF because the opponents were not very good, because during the reality show, when faced with real competition he seemed to win, but not by a large margin. Scott will want to keep the fight standing due to his height and reach advantage.

Whittaker has the hands and ground game to back it up. His knockout in the house are the best of the season. He proved he is a finisher, having stopped both of his opponents in the house, and having finished all of his wins outside the tourney as well. Whitaker is not perfect though, since he was submitted in his eighth professional fight. Both of these fighters could have a bright future in the octagon since they are under 24 years old.

The Bottom Line:
Whittaker may have had some missteps in his career, but he will not have one here. His aggressive style will finish this fight. Whittaker by submission in the second round.