If you caught last nights episode of TUF 13, you saw Brock Lesnar’s frustration starting to boil as he chastised his team for not performing. The fighter most bothered by Lesnar’s scolding looked to be Len Bentley as all respect for the former champ seemed to fly out the window. Here is what Bentley vented on MMA Die Hard following the episodes premiere.

“It was extremely quiet while Brock was lecturing us.  Brock went off on Clay because he thought Clay wasn’t listening to him while he was asking the other coach a question about the fight.  Then Brock started ranting that we are all walking around here all high and mighty or something to that effect.  That’s when he rattled off the cities we are from.

When he got to Seattle, I was pissed.   This a-hole is saying I’m chicken sh*t and I am walking around all high and mighty when this turd didn’t even show up for my fight and hadn’t even taken the time to watch it when he got back.”

Also in the episode, Lesnar brought in UFC hall-0f-famer, Matt Hughes, which Bentley also did not approve of.

“While the other guys might have been excited about the special guest Brock brought in — none other than Matt Hughes — all I could do was shake my head and laugh.  Hughes is probably the one cause guy i really didn’t want to see.

My training partner, Dennis Hallman, is the only man to beat Hughes twice and never suffered a loss to him.  Because Hughes talked some trash about Dennis in his book, I’m really not a fan. You did not see much of me during that segment.”