Not one of the most action-packed episodes as majority of the show was uneventful. Chris Tickle did approach coach Cruz requesting him to push him during fight week. Cruz lost his cool, but eventually came to calm his nerves and apologized. Cruz put Tickle through the ringer before his fight in an attempt to get the fighter ready despite his disappointment in the lack of training hard from Tickle. Beyond that,  Justin Lawrence and Mike Rio got into a little bit of a heated exchange when Lawrence threw a spinning heel hook during practice. From there Rio took it to the ground and submitted Lawrence, making him look foolish. Now to the fight.

Chris Tickle (7-3-0) vs. Joe Proctor (7-1-0)

The fight was a plodding affair. Where Proctor looked a little awkward on the feet, and when Tickle had the chance he could not do much in terms of his brawling standup. He promised to whoop Proctor’s ass before the fight and did none of that. When Proctor shot for a takedown he was able to get it, but Tickle got right back up. Proctor was able to secure the back and a choke and it was over.

After all the problems that Tickle put the rest of the TUF cast through it was nice to see him shut up, and almost put to sleep. He did handle the fight like a man though and Faber compliments him on that. The fight for next week is announced, and John Cofer (7-1-0) vs.(7-0-0). Let’s hope it is more competitive than this match was.