The new season of the Ultimate Fighter has opened, and the opening round fights are over. Coaches Roy Nelson and former interim Heavyweight champion Shane Carwin do not seem to have much spark between one another, but the dynamic between Nelson and White is already present. Their interactions will be the one to watch this season as it seems the calm and cool Carwin will not have much in terms of trash talk. Luckily, the show seems to posses quite a pool of talented fighters.

Some of the matches that were truly impressive was Cameron Diffley’s submission over Zane Kamaka. Cameron boast a black belt which he attained in five years, and being a jits trainer to some of the UFC’s brightest stars. Then there is Sam Alvey a former Bellator fighter who looked absolutely menacing in his fight. He stalked down his opponent until he dropped a bomb on his face knocking him out clean. Lastly, I thought James Chaney was impressive by pulling guard, and transitioning between three submissions a half dozen times until he caught one. He will be one to watch for sure.

The full list of results for the fights are as follows:

  • Dom Waters def. Kevin Nowaczyk – TKO, 1rd, 0:32
  • Michael Hill def. Lev Magen – TKO, 1rd, 1:27
  • Bristol Marunde def. George Lockhart – Sub (via guillotine), 1rd, 2:23
  • Mike Ricci def. Jason South – TKO, 1rd, 1:50
  • Julian Lane def. Diego Bautista – Unanimous decision
  • Igor Araujo def. Cortez Coleman – Sub (via triangle choke), 3rd (victory round), 3:16
  • James Chaney def. Jerel Clark – Sub (via triangle choke), 1rd, 1:30
  • Cameron Diffley def. Zane Kamaka – Sub (via armbar), 1rd, 1:37
  • Neil Magny def. Frank Camacho – Unanimous decision
  • Jon Manley def. Ricky Legere, Jr. – Unanimous decision
  • Colton Smith def. Jesse Barrett – Unanimous decision
  • Matt Secor def. Max Griffin – Sub (via triangle choke), 3rd (victory round), 2:55
  • Eddy Ellis def. David Michaud – Sub (via arm triangle), 2rd, 4:29
  • Joey Rivera def. Saad Awad – Majority decision
  • Nic Herron-Webb def. Tim Rubert – Sub (via armbar), 1rd, 4:17
  • Sam Alvey def. Leo Kuntz – TKO, 1rd, 0:47

Then the team picks came and those are as follows as well.

Team Carwin

Sam Alvey
Bristol Marunde
Mike Ricci
Neil Magny
James Chaney
Eddie Ellis
Igor Araujo
Matt Secor

Team Nelson

Dom Waters
Michael Hill
Cameron Diffley
Colton Smith
Jon Manley
Nic Herron-Webb
Joey Rivera
Julian Lane

For what it is worth, Dana believes Shane has the better team, but without control the match ups could be in Nelson’s favor. Check back next week for another reading of The TUF road.