Stephan+BonnarThe American Psycho Stephan Bonnar (11-7-0) will be making his hosting debut, as he has been chosen to host the new Ultimate Fighter Series 11 wrap-up show, “Aftermath” which will air following TUF 11 premiers.

The show TUF 11 Ortiz vs. Liddell will be premiering March 31st following the UFC Fight Night, Gomi vs. Florian.

Note: Rumors have been swirling that Ortiz was injured during the filming and had to be replaced by former middleweight champ Rich Franklin. When Dana White was questioned if this meant it would be a Liddell – Franklin fight instead of Ortiz, White was quoted saying “It’s not Liddell – Franklin, its going to be Franklin – Couture.” Either way, the season is in post production and it sounds to be another great season.