The filming for the next season of the Ultimate Fighter has begun and with it the assistant coaches for both coaches teams have been announced as well.

Everyone knows by now that the next season of the Ultimate Fighter will have light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones coaching opposite of verbal sparring partner Chael Sonnen and that the season will culminate with a title bout between the two. Fans were quick to accuse Dana White of gifting Chael with a title shot, and that they are only doing this to help the reported failed ratings of the long running reality show on the new network. The bottom line is that the assistant coaches have made the show a bit more interesting and it may be another ratings boost on top of the drama expected by Sonnen.

For Jones he has surprisingly not brought any of his Greg Jackson coaches with him. Maybe this could be due to the rift with Dana and Greg who would have to see each other often if he was part of the coaching staff. Instead he is bringing Stonehorse Goeman who is his original Muay Thai coach. MMA fighter John Woods on Greg Jackson’s approval, Bubba Jenkins for his wrestling, and former heavyweight champion Frank Mir for Jiu Jitsu. Frank is an interesting choice who all though he lives in Las Vegas, he has never seemed to have close connections to Jon Jones. Maybe it is a chance for Jones to pick an accomplished BJJ black belt after his near submission loss.

Sonnen brings a whole crew to the table for this gig. He says that Randy Couture will show up on occasion which they have a tie due to Team Quest, Vinny Magalhaes for Jiu Jitsu who was on Mir’s season of the Ultimate Fighter, diet guru Mike Dolce, Clayton Hires (striking coach), Scott McQuary (head coach at Team Quest Tualatin), Jamie Huey (striking coach), and lastly Dan Henderson. It looks as if the rift between the former training partners has been patched as Sonnen has said that Dan and him have spoke on the issues he had.