In the fourth episode of this season of The Ultimate Fighter, there wasn’t much in the way of straying away from the core model of the show – training and fighting. The entire episode was more or less just a build-up to Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey’s fight against Team Jones’ Collin Hart. There were a few light-hearted moments that I’m sure some of the contestants will want to forget in a hurry, so all in all, another entertaining episode. Here’s five things we learned…


#1 Jon Jones love elbows

With Jones preparing Collin Hart for his fight with Kevin Casey, we once again see the UFC light heavyweight champion emphasize the use of elbow attacks. While I may have questioned his methods last week, why wouldn’t he share his greatest weapons with his team? After all, Jones has proved fairly handy with his elbows throughout his mercurial rise in the UFC.


#2 The Ultimate Rapper was cool… or really awkward

So we witnessed the first ever The Ultimate Rapper battle (patent pending) in the TUF house, and it was certainly one to savour. With the housemates all mocking Kevin Casey’s stellar internet hip-hop credentials, Casey, being BFFs with fellow wannabe rapper and all-round tool Spencer Pratt, proceeded to show the world why mixed martial arts is his last chance at making it. Stick to the fighting, guys.


#3 Another blackout! Conspiracy!

Wouldn’t you know it, there was another blackout to savor on our television/computer screens as the TUF house went dark, albeit as a prank. First it was in the English Premier League, then at the Super Bowl, now the TUF house. What’s next? The Vatican? My money’s on this all being an elaborate build-up to The Undertaker’s return to the WWE for Wrestlemania in April.


#4 Hart looked so lame flipping off Casey

Nick Diaz you are not, Mr. Collin Hart. At the weigh-in, Collin Hart elected to flip off his opponent Kevin Casey rather than shake his extended hand, and immediately looked awkwardly terrified. He tried to back up his actions by claiming that nobody wakes him up in the middle of the night and gets away with it. The rest of the TUF house beware, Collin Hart needs his beauty sleep.


#5 A huge win for Team Jones

Now onto the actual fight and how despite my reservations about Collin Hart’s character outside of the cage, he proved his worth inside of it with a decisive and dominant 20-18 victory over a much-fancied Kevin Casey. The pressure was on him big time, as another loss for Team Jones would have left them in a lot of trouble, 3-0 down to Team Sonnen. As it is, it’s Team Sonnen 2-1 Team Jones, with Jon Jones electing to pair up big-mouth Bubba McDaniel with the youngest ever TUF contestant, Team Sonnen’s Kelvin Gastelum.


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen episode four airs next Tuesday at 9pm on FX (as well as 2am Wednesday morning on ESPN UK for those in the UK and Ireland) as Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel takes on Team Sonnen’s Kelvin Gastelum.